“Choose a good Boss, not a company”​ Really?

By Massimo Brebbia | November 15, 2020

How many time we have read, better to look for a good boss rater than a good company? I did stop thinking on the feasibility of the above and reached a few conclusions I want to share with you. The first consideration, if this is real, it applies only for an elite and it is a Read More

Management of changes, management of life.

By Massimo Brebbia | October 21, 2020

So much has been written, so many courses to teach people how to apply this concept in real life. Just a few days ago I was having a conversation on the subject and how things changes. Then I start a more introspective trip relating to my life. I was ready to conquer the world and Read More

What I did wrong counts

By Massimo Brebbia | October 21, 2020

I lost the count of the interviews I have been called to assist in my career. After a while you realize how stereotyped they are in most of the cases. People try to tell you in less than half of an hour how good they are at something. You want to have a successful interview? Read More

Can I learn success?

By Massimo Brebbia | October 21, 2020

When someone approach me telling “I show you how to do it”, I usually thrill. If something I learnt ageing, is that nothing is more detrimental than follow a procedure. I can feel many jumping on the tables already. Don’t get me wrong. There are situations where procedures must be followed, but this applies only Read More

My little tip for success

By Massimo Brebbia | October 21, 2020

This is a story about a guy who believed in perfectibility. Grown up in the most challenging environment brainwashed that only the best can win and if you are not the best one you are no one. I did believe that. Any tasks I have entertained, every activity, ludic or professional, I have had only Read More

What Moves You?

By Massimo Brebbia | October 21, 2020

Resilient is possibly the definition that best suits me. But this is not about me, it’s about the overwhelming feeling the people around me transpire. It is like walking at the bottom of a huge mountain knowing an avalanche is ready to fall. I have recently left Facebook, best decision ever, but negativity is now Read More

Five tips to know if you are the wrong person in the wrong organisation

By Massimo Brebbia | October 21, 2020

How good are you and how good is the company you work for? Most people want to perform above average and to be an essential part of an organisation. The truth can be bitter and disappointing. These are few tips to start questioning yourself and your organisation: 1 Are people leaving the company or talking Read More

A great company, I know the secret

By Massimo Brebbia | October 21, 2020

I know plenty of people that for a reason or another have moved from company to company and most of them always told me the same thing: learn all the documentation, the process, their books and more, that is your value for the next employer. As if the knowledge of a company is only in Read More

The Hard Talk

By Massimo Brebbia | October 21, 2020

The perfect weapon: auto-repair function, versatile, resourceful, lethal and I wear it every day. It is my body. The only tool that allowed life to survive and evolve for so many years (someone else paid for that, but this is not for today story). Only one single point of failure, the control center, the brain Read More

Conflict resolution: an alternative to failure.

By Massimo Brebbia | October 21, 2020

When it come to conflicts, disputes, arguments, there is something we have to accept and understand: we have failed to communicate effectively in the first instance. Never heard of the phrase “listen to understand and not to answer”? Never a statement has been more true. For some reason both in private and professionally, I have Read More