I know plenty of people that for a reason or another have moved from company to company and most of them always told me the same thing: learn all the documentation, the process, their books and more, that is your value for the next employer.

As if the knowledge of a company is only in their manuals.

Many times I have heard: as soon I get that job I will cancel the competition in the office, no prisoner of war, I am there to show I am the best.

Well, you know what? At midnight, when the lights are off, that company is a dead collection of furniture and turned off computers, cleaners washing the floors and guard checking the doors locks. It is that a good company? It is any better than the company next door?

The biggest mistake you can do at work: to see your colleagues as enemies, people to overtake. The enemy is in the market, the competition is to be overtaken. You are focusing your efforts on the wrong target. You are setting up yourself to defeat success.

A great company is made by great people, you have to be part of the team, teach and learn, support and be supported. The result come along itself.

Life is made of relationship, the real one, the one you have to manage face to face. It takes effort to relate with someone, it is not a social media, you cannot fake, you cannot turn the mobile off if you don’t like the conversation. You are in front another individual, a person with his own problems, concerns. Someone that is affected by what is happening in his life. Yes, just like you. Do you like when someone is genuinely concerned about you? Do you like to receive compliments for what you do right? Also others do!

Start to treat people like people and not assets. Be really interested in their lives. Work together supporting each others.

Do you think is hard to do it? Have you tried? Yes it is hard, it is hard because we all like to take the easy way. No real interaction, no showing of emotions.

In my experience a great company is made when it is full of humanized interactions. See the person before the colleague, see the human before the employee, be genuinely concerned about everybody mental status. We are all concern about safety, safety is there when minds are clear and people is happy, but this is the most difficult part. Everybody can be trained for risk assessment, how to fill an HOC and whatever tools you may think of.

Do you have an idea how much emotional effort and time it requires to engage with an individual and gain trust? Ensure he is mentally prepared for a day at the office? You really need to take care of the people around you. A great company is made by great people, where everyone is a Hero to each other.